multithreading means handling multiple tasks simultaneously

To create a task we can use process or thread. Multithreading is a type of execution model that allows multiple threads to exist within the context of a process such that they execute independently but share their process resources. Parallelism means performing two or more tasks simultaneously. The name multithreading is ambiguous, because not only can multiple threads be executed simultaneously on one CPU core, but also multiple tasks (with different page tables, different task state segments, different protection rings, different I/O permissions, etc. Details. The computer programming term "thread" is short for thread of execution, in which a processor follows a specified path through your code. With multiple threads, a single process can handle a variety of tasks simultaneously. Multithreading in java is a process of implementing multiple threads simultaneously. What is Multithreading Life Cycle of a Thread Creating Thread Thread Scheduler Sleeping a thread Start a thread twice Calling run() method Joining a thread Naming a thread Thread Priority Daemon Thread Thread Pool Thread Group ShutdownHook Performing multiple task Garbage Collection Runtime class Multithreading quiz-1 Multithreading quiz-2 Parallel computing in computer science refers to the process of performing multiple calculations simultaneously. I am presently handling 3 concurrent tasks: I'm answering this question, working on a program, and drinking coffee. Multiple threads can run on the same process and share all its resources but if one thread fail it will kill all other threads in its process. For example, in windows operating system we can open multiple applications like excel, word, notepad, and browser at a time and perform multiple tasks simultaneously. By definition, multitasking is that when multiple processes share common processing resources such as a CPU. The perfect example of multithreading is the operating system. So the major advantage of multithreading is it works simultaneously, which means multiple tasks execute at the same time. You’ll also hear people use terms such as “multithreading” and “hyper-threading.” Hyper-threading technology allows a single CPU core to act as two cores, speeding up the execution of a particular program or application. A thread is the smallest unit of execution within a process. ).Although running on the same core, they are completely separated from each other. The concept of following more than one thread at a time introduces the subject of multi-tasking and multi-threading. Links relevant to threading in C: SO Example POSIX ANSI C. Parallel Processing: When multi-threaded program execution occurs on a multiple core system (multiple uP, or multiple multi-core uP) threads can run concurrently, or in parallel as different threads may be split off to separate cores to share the workload. Process has its private resources including memory mapping, files and other os objects. In c#, multithreading means executing the multiple threads simultaneously to perform multiple tasks at a time.

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