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Nuclear war did not start in 2015. De acuerdo con su relato, una guerra civil estallaría en el año 2004 en los Estados Unidos, en la cual él habría luchado como niño a partir del 2013.Así mismo, la ayuda rusa a uno de los bandos norteamericanos (vía un ataque nuclear en el año … type: 'hidden', This can save the reader the energy from reading the entire dialog on their own. The City/Urban Elites vs rural countryside americans fighting for their rights; the spiritual battle between security and freedom; the Fake News Media propaganda and the right/left uniparty against the MAGA/ American nationalist movement. id: 'amount', John Titor Full Index Though the majority of these predictions went wrong, still it uses to surprise people and thus, they kept on discussing about those predictions. In the first case, the ‘deviance’ will be very apparent and significant, whereas for the second and third worldlines, the ‘deviance’ will not be apparent at first. Todo empezó el 2 de noviembre de 2000, cuando el usuario TimeTrivel_0 escribió su primer post en el foro del Time Travel Institute. Why would people ever want to produce their own shows? }); While the Internet has well labeled John Titor as a hoax, when one takes a good hard look at his statements regarding life in the future in his alternative world-line, we can easily see that he was accurately predicting various trends (if not actual events – after all, it is an alternate world-line) that we are today seeing manifest… let’s look at the John Titor predictions. Start reading this disclosure by the proper order, step by step. This was origionally posted to r/consparicy but I found this page more fitting. I’m not sure if you have come across the name ‘David Wilcock’ (he has a website As an interesting aside, as of the second quarter of 2017, the American people are starting to recognize that a civil war is in process. This resulted in a slew of weaponized actions against Conservatives. Donald Trump was not a Conservative Republican he was and still is a nationalist. Hum. He utilized dimensional travel to move in and out of the baseline reality. If you are trying to reconcile what you have read elsewhere with this disclosure YOU WILL FAIL. This is a unique saying that belies experience and would typically not be the kind of thing that a hoaxer would make up off the cuff. Would love your thoughts, please comment. Check out the sister sub at r/Unexplained. Interestingly, David also introduced the individual ‘Corey Goode’ into the public spotlight. The reader needs to listen or read the actual transcripts of what John Titor actually said. Members. Whilst China could withstand the economic impact of a US collapse, Singapore, which heavily relies on international trade and prosperity, will be in very deep trouble. Therefore, let’s take a look at the John Titor predictions. The differences are usually small. John Titor claims that he utilized the time variable to conduct acquisition activities in the past. 1. Esta es la frase con la que John Titor, un presunto viajero en el tiempo, se despidió de la gente en marzo de 2001. It was full of sleek long flying cars and robots, but no internet or cell phones. John Titor's abilities were far greater than those of self proclaimed "futurists". Amazing stuff after seeing the 2016 election of Donald Trump and the concentration of riots originating out of the cities with the presumptive totalitarian behavior of the BLM and their associative progressive minions. John titor Predictions. A very good narrative of these words is available on a series of You-Tube videos provided below. I can understand your disgruntlement towards Trump given his anti-China rhetoric and trade war against China. He claimed that on that world-line, the United States was fundamentally different after a rapid series of events in the late 1990’s. Todo empezó el 2 de noviembre de 2000, cuando el usuario TimeTrivel_0 escribió su primer post en el foro del Time Travel Institute. He claimed that on that world-line, the United States was fundamentally different after a rapid series of events in the late 1990’s. The legend of John Titor began in July 1998 when Art Bell, host of the late-night paranormal radio show Coast to Coast AM, received two faxes from an American Soldier claiming to have detailed knowledge of time travel. This is definitely the path I would agree that America was hurtling towards before the ‘Trump’ phenomenon rose up in 2016, back in 2016. He claimed that he fought during the American second civil war. This statement would not have meant so much in the year 2000 as it does today. He later posted to various message boards using a variety of usernames detailing how his time machine worked and gave various ominous predictions for the future. This is because that’s over 75 years in the past. Perhaps these events are still before us, only that they will only get worse? The 1998 (to 2001) visit was for personal reasons. He did not say that it was a hoax set up by the government to fund various black initiatives. The pure truth is that this disclosure is set up clearly and exactly. The John Titor mission was set in 1974. Browse more videos. Big Tech, Fake Media, FBI-CIA-DOJ, the democrats and the RINOs have played their hand and showed themselves, affirming Biden as the president-elect. John Titor PREDICTED the various conflicts in the Middle East. Any mass communication efforts that reached large groups of people, such as using the internet, affected the thoughts of large bodies of people. "Beyond a doubt, a showdown that may put our democracy to the test is silently building around the persuasive political capabilities of Dr. Steven Greer as he builds a convincing case against the "shadow government" bureaucracy. options_val = other_amt; This is the “Realist News” website on You-tube. There is just no way for me to know. Just add ten years to every date John Titor provided. It contained some goodbyes, some more questions answered, along with an explanation of why, if time travel is possible, there aren’t time travelers everywhere — all the time. 1:40. If you fail to do so, you won’t understand anything and will be even more confused. He constantly stated that there was a 1 to 2% divergence. John Titor là tên được sử dụng trong những năm 2000 và 2001 bởi một người sử dụng bảng BBSs, một loại bảng thông báo điện tử cho phép những người quan tâm chia sẻ thông tin và phần mềm qua mạng máy tính. You can also ask the author some questions. Obviously, you already have! The American empire grew to a point where today (2018) we are fighting seven different nations all around the globe. He landed on our world-line at a 1-2% divergence. This amplified the divergence. (9) Changes in some orientations in the lifestyle of the Americans. Just to add, I don’t believe i’ve read even half of your posts, but I did get a sense of China-idealisation in what i’ve read, meaning that I get the sense that you notice and highlight the good points of China without noticing or referencing the ‘bad’. Upon arrival the divergence immediately grew. Oh BTW. John Titor es el nombre usado en varias BBSs (tablones de anuncios electrónicos) durante los años 2000 y 2001 por un usuario que decía ser un viajero del tiempo del año 2036. Being entangled as I was, and involved in the crazy things that I was, I was given some insight. All he stated was that he saw no evidence at all for any kind of climate change in 2036. Rather it offered me perception along with advantage. Obviously, you wholly believe in your own experiences and how things are – and you may be entirely right! One of the most severe predictions from Titor was about the possibilities of the outbreak of the 3rd World War in 2004. According to David, who claims to have access to high-level insiders, whistleblowers, prophetic dreams, and is the possible reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, humanity is moving into a new ‘25000’ year cycle, where a spiritual harvest will be ‘reaped’. I surmise that in Titor’s timeline, Trump’s equivalent was not able to rally his base effectively enough to avoid a bloody civil war; in this timeline, Trump is clearly determined to win this ‘civil war’ peacefully through the legislature and Scotus without resorting to the ‘nuclear’ option of the Insurrection act that Lincoln used in his own civil war. Published on Aug 28, 2013. (1) The World War III will break out in 2004. First there were warnings that the United States media were driving the American progressive Liberal population into a dangerous frenzy. He claimed that he needed to perform some acquisition of certain technical devices through the use of the time-variance option in dimensional travel. Other more common terms are “world-line travel”, or the MWI. Then, in 18MAY17, the famous Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh discusses how the president of Russia, Putin openly warns the urban elite, the media, and the 1% against going against the will of the American people. Siendo un panel en el que se discutía la posibilidad de viajar en el tiempo, su descripción de una hipotética máquina para desplazarse de una é… It is important for the reader to note that the actual dialog between John Titor and the other bloggers are no longer available on the Internet. Por entonces la temática de sus comentarios se centraba exclusivamente en la tecnología necesaria para realizar viajes en el tiempo. Please see below. The fence-sitters are gradually picking their sides and so far, I see more flocking over to Trump. There is no such thing as “Global Warming” in 2036. 14:01; Iran World War 3 . It was later determined that the box was rented by a lawyer whose brother happened to be a computer expert who could easily have made the time machine drawings … Por entonces la temática de sus comentarios se centraba exclusivamente en la tecnología necesaria para realizar viajes en el tiempo. Especially when he made just about everything that I do about twenty times more difficult. u/stuartsydenham. Titor made numerous vague and specific predictions regarding calamitous events in 2004 and beyond, including a nuclear war, none of which came true. Titor sám by v konfliktu bojoval v roce 2011. You are an American-born that has found his home in China; I am a citizen of Singapore which is a Chinese-majority (many immigrants from China came to Singapore in the 19th and early 20th century) country colonised by the British, that is English-educated. View All Moderators. Esta es la frase con la que John Titor, un presunto viajero en el tiempo, se despidió de la gente en marzo de 2001. John Titor II traveled to the year 2050 for environmental research and went to the past to the around 200 B.C. These ideas are interesting, and for purposes of enjoyment, I have placed them assuming a ten year buffer. According to him, humanity will separate into approximately three different worldlines in this period; those who have done the sufficient spiritual work will ascend to a very positive, wonderful worldline, service-to-other individuals that qualify to be SOS sentience but are not as ‘advanced’ as the former group will be harvested into a new, positive worldline, and those that failed to be over 50% service-to-other (service-to-self – David doesn’t use the term service-to-another) sentience individuals will be moved into a more ‘dreary’ worldline. Titor chose to go back in time and live with the love of his life in the year 2000. How so very convenient for the debunking cabal. Here we have multiple posts in this regard. Inconsistencies in his explanations, the uniform inaccuracy of his predictions, and a private investigator's findings all led to th… All of which were unheard of at that time. We hadn’t yet reached the year 2015 when I first wrote my original article. Long after John Titor got up and left. Compared to Americans, Chinese nationals seem to get much more defensive when their own country is criticized. This particular John Titor post (i have yet to get to the others) is spine-tingling in the manner in which it seems to describe what is going on with America right now. John Titor PREDICTED all the post-911 anti-terrorism legislation.). It would embrace the personal as well as the professional lifestyles alike. Metallicman DonationBasic Donation - $10Big Thankyou - $20Real Appreciation - $50Ask a question - $100A Detailed Explanation - $500Benefactor Support $1000Other Amount:Please kindly enter any notes that you would like to attach to the donation here: The only contact information was a post office box. Dette bestyrelse talte om muligheden for at rejse gennem tiden. 14JUN17. John gave a blow to the sportsmen and enthusiasts of sports activities with his prediction that after 2004, the Olympic Games are not going to hold for a considerable span. What people fail to grasp is that when a person has the ability to slide into a different reality (pass into a different world-line), they are able to “touch” Heaven to some extent. You go back in 30 year increments, land and take a detailed reading and then continue. This issue is discussed on REALIST NEWS – The John Titor Time Traveler Story Part 3 of 4 at part 3 at 18:15. Predicciones de John Titor: El mundo que nos dibujó Titor resulta considerablemente menos estable que aquel en que vivimos actualmente. So they cannot be alike. If Biden is forced through, I think the civil war erupts almost immediately, and there is no drag-through into a 2024 US election as there are simply too many Trump-supporters angry and convinced that Trump was the winner. Then, on your return journey, you retrace your steps. John Titor var det navn, der blev brugt i årene 2000 og 2001 af en bruger af BBSs-panelerne, en slags elektroniske opslagstavler, der tillod de interesserede at dele information og software via et computernetværk.Oprindeligt identificerede han sig som TimeTravel_0 og deltog i et bestyrelse, der hedder Time Travel Institute. The result being is that you would actually land in a world-line that is 30% divergent instead of 3%, even though that is what your instruments would state. Therefore, the only thing that most can find are just an array of websites and videos that typically disparage his contention that he was a time traveler. Listen to it here. Note 1; Interesting quote published in the second quarter of 2017; He confirmed in the dialog of Part 4 at 11:24 that he did indeed get involved with preventing the Y2K fiasco that caused such havoc in his world line. In his own way John Titor PREDICTED the militant Soros funded black-clad militant movement after the 2016 election. Inițial, sa identificat ca fiind TimeTravel_0 și a participat la un consiliu numit Time Travel Institute. I sense (and want to believe) that on my own worldline at least, the ‘Crisis-inflexion point’ is taking place right now during the 2020 US elections (and not a period after the 2024 US elections), and that this inflexion point is such that the crisis-renewal can still be resolved without the literal nuclear option. The implication is that the civil war was not going well for the “deplorables” in the militias. Yet, later he admitted to betting involved in prevention of the Y2K problem and that prevented a major period of civil unrest, and thus altered our world line. He was convinced that America would eventually go through a civil war and those in power would get their comeuppance. The people in the countryside were losing, and the DHS (the Federal Police) were winning with all the advantages that we know about today. Report. Pero incluso para esto el ya tenia una respuesta preparada. Listen and read here. John Titor PREDICTED this trend accurately. Because civil war did not start in 2005. Here are posts that  cover this topic. Viajero en el tiempo, John Titor, predicciones, Rusia, Estados Unidos, Siria, Tercera Guerra Mundial, Barack Obama, inicio de la tercera Guerra Mundial . John Titor PREDICTED that a woman would be considered to be President.). He was, as far as I know, never associated with MAJestic in any way. (2) The World War III would literary go global by 2008. Some might be, but many are not. This prediction shook the ground under the feet of the Americans. Sorry for the rant ahha, just wanted to get my thoughts out and perhaps your comments, Glad you enjoy the site. It was his prediction that the 3 World War, after … Apocalipsis2012 2012-01-27T20:01:29+00:00. John Titor oli nimi, mida aastatel 2000 ja 2001 kasutas BBSi paneelide kasutaja, teatud liiki elektroonilised teadetetahvlid, mis võimaldasid huvitatud isikutel jagada infot ja tarkvara arvutivõrgu kaudu.Esialgu tuvastas ta end TimeTravel_0-ks ja osales juhatuses Time Travel Institute. John Titor posted many times from November 2, 2000 until March 24, 2001, when he left his final message. However, the ignition of the nuclear war incinerated the cities and pretty much wiped out the oligarchy and their supporting minions and followers. It is an interesting exchange. John Titor Radio Episode; Moderators. Through his action, inadvertent or not, the Y2K bug was thwarted and the period of upheaval and civil unrest was avoided. Maybe, instead of a civil war in 2013, there is one in 2023? The further back in the past one goes the greater the divergence, and the greater the difficulty in returning home to a similar world line to the one you left. The dialog is gone. Let’s just leave it as that! (10) Changes in the famous tree-houses of Florida. On the other side, Trump, ordinary American patriots, a small handful of democrats and a bigger percentage of Republicans have made clear that they stand on Trump’s side. Playing next. Como se puede apreciar ninguna de las predicciones que John Titor publicó se han convertido en realidad. Created Jan 24, 2013. I hope you find something of use here. El inicio de la historia de John Titor se encuentra en unos mensajes dejados en un foro de Time Travel Institute por un usuario llamado TimeTravel_0. Here, the You-Tube blogger at “Realist News” goes through the discourse between the John Titor individual and discusses the contents relative to what we knew in 2016. Here the investigator looks at the writings from the point of view of someone from 2000 and 2001. You will need to start at the top of the list and work your way down. However, it never went true, at least as on today’s date. }); Only where as, I claim to be part of MAJestic and was employed as part of human sentience management, John Titor claimed to be a person who was part of another world-line. While many of the statements that John Titor made in 2000 seemed outlandish at that time, subsequent events have actually foretold the active trends, if not the actual events. That’s pretty darn close. Another person, collectively known by the identity of “John Titor” claimed to utilize world-line (MWI egress) travel to collect artifacts from the past. John Titor gave very specific dates regarding a series of events in our near future. Front Row Seat to the American SHTF Another prediction about the forthcoming change involves the famous tree-houses of Floria that were basically a measure to combat the attacks of flood, every year. Think of the city of the future in 1950's. John Titor’s supposed lime line is at a 2% deviance. Your machine may read a 2% divergence, but it’s accuracy is compromised. However, I do think your testimony ‘feels’ very credible as it is very well-written, interesting, entertaining, intelligent, reasonable, and worth reading even if the fantastic elements were fantasy. He claimed only a 1-2% divergence. //insert the amount field in the form with the custom amount Of course, I am personally vested and interested in a peaceful Trump victory xD. Welcome. John Titor stated in no uncertain terms that the United States would undergo a type of "revolution or civil war. This statement was made in 2000, long before the NSA and all the erosion’s on American freedoms. Perhaps, he wanted to use this period of time to spend with his folk before the unrest occurred, and in the process inadvertently caused a Y2K repair action. He arrived in 1999 and stayed until 2001. This ended with the advent of World War III, when Russia ignited a nuclear exchange against American cities. Full SHTF Index The other posts are; Our reality is not what we think it is. I used to be a big fan of Donald Trump. John Titor is a name used on several bulletin boards during 2000 and 2001 by a poster claiming to be an American military time travelerfrom 2036. This blogger makes a point that the predictive trends of an alternative world line similarly coincide with that of our time line. From my perspective (given that I am a Singaporean that wishes for international peace and prosperity – for both China and USA to work in an environment of healthy constructive competition), I have had experiences which made me question the benign ‘goodness’ of China as well. He possessed a very low opinion of the United States government, and the general American population. If Trump wins, I don’t see a way in which Big Tech and Fake Media can ever recover their standing without a thorough cleansing. Thus, instead of civil war in 2005, we elected Obama in 2008 and totally changed our world-line into something other than what it should have been at the time John Titor landed in 1999. You-Tube wasn’t even created until 2005. The idea that China would have manned spaceflight was considered a joke. name: 'amount', Theories of Collapse, And three very important posts that I would love to hear your thoughts on…, And a map showing the detonations that John Titor sort of described…. Perhaps his alteration of the world-line has altered ours, but not solved the core problems inherent with our behaviors and our policies. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. I believe that the majority of ordinary patriotic Americans are on Trump’s side, against a big, service-to-another-NPC minority slaving for their corrupt service-to-self elites. (7) Chances for the Olympic Games to revive after 2040. (5) Dark clouds slowly swallowing the American society. How did he know about the 9-11 WTC destruction?). Your reality might differ from mine in that shoes are tied left to right instead of right to left. I read through your discussion on Corey and “fake disclosure”. The truth is that there will be time lines with Hitler; it’s just the accuracy of you landing on that time line decreases. That it was a war of rural countryside Americans against the urban elites and the city dwellers. If you really and earnestly want to know what the fuck is going on and why, then stop trying to reconcile other things that you have “found” on the internet. In 20136, John Titor decided to retire from the military career and left the 177th Time Travel Division. John Titor PREDICTED that Americans would want to alter and change the Constitution. Yes the John Titor case is very interesting, and i appreciate your passion about the topic, because there is no doubt that tie travel technology has been created, however there seems to be many inconsistencies from Scientists about how this works. These dates came and passed without anything regarding his stated conflicts occurring. I really, really think that you NEED to read this…. That the dates are actually ten years later, or alternatively the actual dates changed because he altered our time world-line. He is referring to most of the urban elite and the urban uneducated. I am not the only person who has disclosed that there are others, and other organizations that can enter and leave our reality at will. Perhaps even our own expectations may lead us to different worldlines where we only impact each other through our quantum shadows; so perhaps my more positive optimism may lead me to a worldline where Trump manages to help America emerge from the crisis reborn and renewed without a nuclear scenario, whilst your more pessimistic expectations may lead you to one that is a time-delayed version of Titor’s original worldline. Filter by flair. While he arrived on our world-line at a small divergence of 1-2%, he left in 2001 leaving a far larger divergence., (PREDICTION. He takes a look at the John Titor predictions. Another person who made this claim went by the name John Titor. I know you are skeptical of Trump (i haven’t come across the posts where you detail why, but I have guessed that his anti-China rhetoric is a big reason why), but it does seem to me that he is the ‘Lincoln’ figure that Titor was referring to. [1] En esos mensajes hizo numerosas predicciones (algunas de ellas vagas, otras fueron específicas) [2] acerca de eventos en el futuro cercano, empezando con eventos en el 2004. Google was founded in 1998, but it really didn’t become popular until the mid 2000’s. Todo empezó el 2 de noviembre de 2000, cuando el usuario TimeTrivel_0 escribió su primer post en el foro del Time Travel Institute. (in Asia). The viral agents in this time line are different than what he is accustomed to. I have to say, it is a magical ‘synchronicity’ that I have been led to this site at this very special time in US history. But when he decided to wage war against where I live, sorry dude… he entered my enemy list. However, my own assessment is that at his core, Trump is a genuinely good-hearted person that may certainly step on the toes of China, Russia, or those that would oppose his America-First policy, but will not descend to physical violence the same way the deep state is so easily prepared to do. But, we know that this is not really true, because we did not have a civil war, and a nuclear war. China’s China-First policy clashing with Trump’s America-First policy (both sides pursuing self-interested policies like tech-supremacy and economic-supremacy etc) and 2. Here, I try to impart some of that knowledge through discussion. var other_amt = form_obj.find('input[name=other_amount]').val(); I have been closely following the Trump’s campaign attempt to expose the election fraud and I believe that we are on a much more positive worldline than Titor’s original one. Trump being an imperfect individual that makes mistakes, makes errors in judgements, listening to wrong counsel. The blogger suggests this because he questions what actually occurred did not match all the conflicts that John Titor predicted. Esta es la frase con la que John Titor, un presunto viajero en el tiempo, se despidió de la gente en marzo de 2001. Written in 2000 before 9-11 and the subsequent rise in the Arab world of Islamic militants. John brought a nightmare to the Americans, predicting that a Civil war is sure to appear, somewhere around 2015. This is a kind of statement that we would see after the 2016 election, not in 1998. Thus the idea that it involved “time travel”. The World War III would literary go global by 2008. These events all pre-dated his dialog. These are posts and articles that revolve around how I was recruited for MAJestic and my training. Together, we both claim that the MWI is real, and we utilize it to perform dimensional egress for our own purposes. And you can see it in my Pre 2020 posts. This isn’t a shopping supermarket tabloid, this is a textbook. John Titor Acesta a fost numele folosit în anii 2000 și 2001 de către un utilizator de panouri BBSs, un fel de aviziere electronice care permit părților interesate să facă schimb de informații și software-ul printr-o rețea de calculatoare. John Vasos, An official time traveler from the year 2500, returned to the year 2036 in order to investigate about solar eruptions and the way that these influence the living beings, in that time he became friend of John Titor, and together, in two individual time machines they went to the year 1975 to obtain operating systems of this time. No one could understand this statement at all. But as it stands, I see his anti-China stance as a mix of 1. 4.3k. Of course, there is a way around this. 02:36 ; Trump announces strikes on Syria (VIDEO) EhhhhPtos 2018-04-14T04:32:48+00:00. As a silver lining amidst the dark cloud, came John’s prediction that there are chances that the Olympic Games will be revived after 2040. Its been a few years since I read Corey, so I may get some of the details wrong, but Corey ( claims to have been part of the Secret Space Program, and also believes that we are being watched over by an (or several) advanced ET race(s). If you want to really and sincerely learn something then you will need to read each and every single post in this list. This is most especially true as most of the dialog that John Titor was involved in has since disappeared from the internet since. You go back in stages. Then, when Obama got elected, we ended up having Islam shoved down our collective throats. I really do not know why the organization was kept so secret. Strange phenomenon is a casual pastime of mine and I wanted to bring up and share my own take on the Titor mystery. He’d grown up in Florida, and experienced both a domestic conflict in the form of civil war (“There is a Civil War in the United States that starts in 2005,” he wrote), followed by a w… That technology was produced in “our” past. John Titor II retirement. Why not watch television? Sure we were aware of an occasional rewriting of history, however the knowledge of what it is today was beyond our comprehension at that time. Maybe this was his way to protect them in some way, as well as to spend some time with them on a personal level.

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